Dear Friends and Neighbors,

On behalf of the trustees of the John P. Salamone Memorial Foundation, I would like to express my profound thanks to you, the West Essex community, for your generosity, love and prayers for the past two years. Without your caring & support, we would not have been able to rise up from the tragic and devastating events of 9-11 and establish the Foundation in Johnís honor to help create a positive future for our children.

The John P. Salamone Memorial Foundation was establish in 2002 by family and friends in honor of my son, John Patrick Salamone, a life-long resident of Fairfield, West Caldwell and North Caldwell, who lost his life on September 11, 2001, at the World Trade Center. Our mission, to award scholarships to students based on scholastic achievement, athletic ability and need, and to award grants to area elementary schools for educational purposes, was fulfilled in 2003 with the awarding of the first scholarships to Jessica Colley of North Caldwell and Michael Cross of Roseland. More information about them can be found on our new website, In addition, grants were awarded to Wilson School in West Caldwell to fund its Character Education Program, which assists students in purchasing books, and Trinity Academy in Caldwell for its tuition program for needy students.

John fondly remembered his childhood in West Essex, and it is our hope through the Foundation that we can help other children do the same. West Essex is a great community, a wonderful place to raise our children, and with your help we hope to see the programs we offer our schools and children grow so that we can continue to touch and improve the lives of all our youth.

As time passes, it is natural for peopleís memories of the tragedy of 9-11 to fade. But with each passing day, the Foundation becomes more and more dedicated to perpetuating Johnís memory by helping the kids of our neighborhoods. WE cannot do that without your help. We are acutely aware, and grateful beyond words, of how generous you were in the immediate aftermath of 9-11. We also realize that you receive several donation requests and likely give to a number of worthwhile charities each year. In deciding where you would like to help this year, please remember that our fund-raising efforts and results stay here, at home. Your contribution will help support the youth of our towns and neighborhoods, the youth that one day will be leading our great country. Please donate generously to this worthy cause as we strive to perpetuate Johnís legacy of love for friends, family, neighbors and children.


Benedict Salamone

The John P. Salamone Memorial Foundation is a 50(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization. Many corporations will match donations. If your company has such a program, please contact the Human Resource Department for information regarding their Matching Gift Program.

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